We position your gift and skill for growth.

We improve the productivity and profitability of businesses. 

We are focused on creating a prosperous successful community

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Discover The Series That Makes You The Star

With The Ability series 
project, we are focused 
on creating impactful 
leadership through 

We believe first you must agree and 
know your God-given ability.

Then fuel that ability by building 
capacity, you build capacity 
through knowledge-earned 
or learned.


We can always cut short the 
distance between you and success 
by showing you the roadmap.


If you go on a journey without a map and another goes on a journey with a 
roadmap, GPS, and better still in the 
car someone who actually knows the 
journey, who do you think will arrive in time and ready.

The ability series is coaching and mentorship on demand. We want to be there all the way for you.

What you learn

How to stay profitable

How to build a profitable business

Avoid common business pitfalls

Based on real-life situations

Guidepost ensuring you recognize
situations that can impede your success

Brand strategies for profit

Get New Insights

Realistic framework for ensuring
business growth

Foresight anticipate changes in your

Position to achieve sustainable and
long term performance

Understand your innate gift

Be empowered through confidence

Be Resilient

Understand time-  wait. move. pursue

Build affinities

Join a community of high achievers
Network of leveragable contacts


A Series

The Ability series offers programs in Entrepreneurship and Business growth. Our A-Z series will cover everything business.

The Ability Series offers Signature Business growth courses
In the A-Series you get to launch your business like a boss, map your path to profitability, Transform your enterprise, and create a sought-after brand that you and your customers would be proud of. 


My Story

When I started in business, I had great hopes and ambitions for my future, as a little girl I always dreamt of doing something really great! Making a change, having a real impact in the world, but more importantly making my parents really proud, my dad was an entrepreneur and very creative inventor, I had just come from leading in top management roles at several multinational organizations, I worked for top South African Brands- Johnnic, Hong Kong Canadians and top Nigerian Brands in several sectors, where I did enjoy great success for the companies and myself.

Then I took the giant leap of faith to pursue my own dreams. This journey started 2010, when I ventured out to start the first independent film distribution company in Africa, outside South Africa- Homelands Films. As you can imagine starting out a business is hard enough starting something never seen before is even more audacious. There was a lot of pushback especially from larger businesses, a lot of NO’s and a lot of hurdles, it was ambitious but not impossible. I did not relent. I pushed forward and had a breakthrough.

Today this company has distributed top Hollywood and Nollywood titles in Africa such as Olympus has fallen, the expendables amongst so many others, and played a leading role in accentuating the movie distribution business in Nigeria and growing it into the huge industry it has become Learn More.

Bristling with passionate love for creativity, innovation, Ideas/product optimization, I also started a marketing consulting firm – OKHMA. We have managed several key projects including being the official marketing company in charge of Africa’s biggest tourism event - Carnival Calabar amongst other events and brands. We recently also managed a presidential campaign in the just concluded elections in Nigeria. I’m also vice president of WhiteHousePR- one of Nigeria’s leading public relations companies. And I also serve as the executive director of TruCSR Nigeria. TruCSR is Nigeria’s leading consulting company in the area of corporate social responsibility and Sustainability, this firm midwifed what today is the CSR/SD industry in Nigeria. TruCSR hosts The Gold standard for CSR and sustainability awards- THE SERAS, which is now in its 14th year. I am a publisher of Film, Television & More (FTM) and Editor-In-Chief of The Social Enterprise Report.

One day I looked back at where I started, how there where many uncertainties and feeling lost, what I had to endure, what I came through, what I didn’t know and what I know today, I have been asked several questions about business success, I have questioned why some business make it to the top and some never seem to take flight, and the simple difference is what they know. Knowledge and understanding gives you access to undeniable success and money!

That is why I recommend the Ability Series to budding entrepreneurs and anyone determined to succeed. I wish I had such a platform when I started. I can only imagine what you can achieve with the right information, Knowledge, mentorship, coaching, and community.

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Why Choose The Ability Series

We have designed an array of business learning courses, reflecting over 100 years of business knowledge from several businesses and their experience. From how to build your business, Be Profitable, to staying nimble and Transformational. We are keen to provide the information and knowledge required at every level of your business. We want to ensure the goal is met, you arrive at the expected destination- Your WEALTHY PLACE

Know your money-making Blind spots

Get the Quality of life that reflects your efforts

Unlock your inner drive Know why it’s not working

I personally believe it all in us to make it happen, I'm excited about The Ability Series and cause I truly understand the importance of personal growth for success.

Going from rags to riches is possible only for people who tackle the hard task of full-on reinvention – complete with updated skills, healthier habits, better thought processes, and newfound optimism.


If you don’t feel you’re the type of person who has what it takes to achieve greatness, become that person, and grow into your goals and dreams.- Inc



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