How to Confidently Start your Sought-After Business in 30 days Without Frustration or Exhaustion 

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to launch a business that is scalable and Highly profitable



This has been designed for ONLY  the Ambitious Entrepreneur who wants to Launch and Build a Scalable Startup or business so that s/he CAN:

Launch and Build a business you are truly proud of 

Build a highly Sought after business, that gives h/she financial freedom.

Aspire or is ready to build an Empire

Follow passion and have your dream come alive

Want to start your business or is currently running a business

earn less than $100K in annual revenue.

Start a Business With Little or No Prior Experience

You know you want the financial freedom starting your own business can bring  but you have no clue where to begin.

You are feeling unconnected, uncertain, or lost about your purpose or plans for your business.

How do businesses get so successful, it seems like I could never achieve such success 

I need a mentor, but no one ever has time, how do I know the mistakes not to make

Quit my job, now I’m feeling lost, I was so sure of my ideas

I need finance but no one will deal with me cause I’m just starting out

It feels so lonely and I really dont know who to talk to

I was a success when I had a good paying job, I’m totally unsure of myself now

You are not alone, most successful Entrepreneurs have gone through this same Dilemma

You can either learn by failing or fail to learn from others failures and successes.

You don’t have to be on this journey alone..


Does this sound familiar?

You don’t need to work like an elephant and eat like a mouse, Prosperous companies started just like you with just an idea!

Can you imagine what it would feel like to finally launch your own business like a boss or build a business that is sought after attracting your ideal Clients? 

How would your life and business be different if you could:

  •   Launch the business of your dreams

  • See your ideas take flight and make such an impact in your community

  • Create services or products that your ideal clients love to pay for

  • You understand whom to target and why  

  • Set a process that can allow you automate whilst innovating

  • Collaborate or even Acquire other companies

  • Understanding your financial model.

  • Approach Forbes or Entrepreneur to be featured or become a contributor…

  • Your ideas are well aligned

  • Whatever it is, you’re ready to lay a solid foundation 


Imagine You have such clarity and confidence in your business and ideas

Boss Mug
Woman at Work
Smiling Man with Glasses
The choice you make today simply allows
tomorrow to look like this.



Improved Lifestyle


Dignity & Respect


Add as many MORE.........

"We are each the authors of our own lives, Emma. We live in what we have created. There is no way to shift the blame and no one else to accept the accolades" - Barbara Taylor Bradford Woman of Substance

Ready to break
Barriers and Buildup?.....

I know I have a bankable gift and need to start my business 

I’m never sure of what I’m doing, I feel really frustrated

I have BIG dreams for my business

All my efforts to be profitable seems futile

I want to launch my unique product

I see other peoples work and I feel like a fraud

I don't know, where do I start

I make it up as I go

I feel lonely at the top

I am not confident to charge my worth

I have lots of ideas but have trouble implementing them

I know that I need to be visible and let people know about my product and services

You are ready to launch your Sought business and brand but frustrated with the HOW.

I have got Good News!

you are not alone and this happens to the best of people
The facts are.............

56% of most startups are said to fold by the fifth year

80 percent made it to the second year 


70 percent made it to the third year 

62 percent made it to the fourth year 

Many things are responsible for this:


Cash flow problems


Getting the right team together, which can be quite tasking


Deal with Competition


How to Price right

Ensuring their products are user friendly 


Working without a business model

Deal with marketing their businesses without the experience to

​Ignore customers, poor customer engagement and follow up


Missed Opportunity

Ill timing. 

And the list goes on...

This creates a lot of overwhelm............

Add a heading (8).png

Hello, Its Mary here, 

Hello, Its Mary here, 

I founded, the first independent film distribution company in Africa, outside South Africa- Homelands Films.


We distributed top Hollywood and Nollywood titles in Africa such as Olympus has fallen, the expendables amongst so many others, and played a leading role in accentuating the movie distribution business in Nigeria and growing it into the huge industry it has become

I also started a marketing consulting firm – OKHMA. We have managed several key projects including being the official marketing company in charge of Africa’s biggest tourism event - Carnival Calabar amongst other events and brands. We recently also managed a presidential campaign in the just concluded elections in Nigeria.

I have spent the last 10 years as a business owner building highly sought-after businesses and brands, working with some of the greatest leaders and companies of our time, building multiple successful companies of my own.

But don't get confused to think I'm any kind of a genius, as my business building journey definitely DID NOT start out as an epic success. 

In fact...

When I first got into building my businesses ... I struggled...

I struggled to get clarity, know the path to take, and how to make a success of my business making it become Highly profitable.

But eventually - through coaching, education, and guidance from mentors along the way - I was able to turn things around and create the skills, abilities, and life I have today.

I went from being a struggling, exhausted entrepreneur - to where I am now.

My  journey has taught me one thing, 

To always seek help, it shortens the Journey and error rate. and so - on this page - I want to introduce you to an opportunity that I believe can change your life, just as much as it has mine.

These are ExtraOrdinary times, there is an  unrivaled Opportunity For You Right Now to Launch and Build your Sought-after business or Brand 

I mean there hasn't been any time better to be an entrepreneur than now. With the tremendous free access to clientele(people) and opportunities(sales) 

That opportunity is Learning the skills, strategies & tools you need to launch a business that is scalable and Highly profitable

So you know........There are many strategies and sometimes just watching another business strategy and plugging that into yours may not be a good fit, Here you will learn to be the business leader in your sector, get your clients selling for you, and scale your business and take it to untold heights in today's world

Tap into your genius and be the advantage

Studies show that 56 percent of start-ups made it to the fifth year, and about 30percent of this number makes it to the 10th. In this uncertain times, nothing makes you stand out and succeed more than serving your community of followers with your uniqueness that is your differentiation advantage

Work with Clients who value you and your services or products

They are eager to pay top-dollars to people who solve their problems, free up their time or give them an experience, people that give them product or services with real results

Grow your possibilities exponentially

Because in today's world there is endless opportunity to reach the farthest and nearest without moving an inch away from your space.  at this time. you now have the ability to impact many people from several cultures

What if you could Launch Your business today and start earning 6 figures


Following the simple strategies, using the roadmap, learning what most successful business owners and the big brands know already.

In just 30 Days

Working in your business instead of on your business: It’s really easy to get caught in a cycle of feeding the never-ending operations demand, staff needs, marketing especially in the social media age, answering several emails, and squeezing client work in-between. Yet in all this activity you get further and further away from building a truly profitable business.


Too many things require your attention and you feel pulled from every side, your starting to lose focus and can't even identify what is vital … (you see where I’m going with this…) The problem with jumping from tactic to tactic is you don’t get the results you are looking for. All these activities are needful but you have to invest in the core of your business and build processes that allow for flow, you need to focus on defining it first.

Brand-ABLE? Yes, we know how getting your brand together can seem like an uphill task, and sometimes you feel its more important to hone your skills to refine your product. You even feel like an imposter-

You are able to build and grow a unique brand and ideal clientele and this only depends on a unique mix of YOUR personality, talent, and skill.

Not knowing which step to take first and next: Goodnews this happens to everyone, every top business today had what we call it the DEAF moment. If you struggle to put together a clear plan of action around building your business, you are NOT alone. We have worked with several brands and talk to brilliant, ambitious entrepreneurs, managers and CEO’s every day who WANT to take running leaps with their business, but are stuck because they don’t know where to start.

Well see, I’ve been successful as a business owner for over 10 years now and helped countless businesses to grow, and even double their revenue, multiply their client base, uplevel their team performance and increase their bottom line.

One of the defining moments in our business is when one client success attracts another, ensuring an endless cycle of profitability, but we acknowledge the cycle of no money, no clients: do you feel trapped in the cycle of hustling to finish a client deliverable, then hustling to find another client, hustling to finish the next client deliverable, then hustling to find another client… and REPEAT,

Everything can change.


I have learned to seek prompt help whenever stuck as this empowers you, I wish I had this opportunity when I was only starting, I would have made all the progress I have made with No overwhelm, or burn out and certainly would have made progress faster

You can literally start a business today and with the right knowledge and opportunities start earning upward scale figures in as little as 30 Days

You don't need several years in business, a degree, or a business master's certificate to build and own a highly profitable business today.

That's right!

In fact, you just need to tweak a little here and there

and - BOOM

Launch and Scale

Simply requires you to:

  • Refine your Idea creating  a clear vision and goals

  • Know the market and your Ideal clients and Niche

  • Have the right business strategy and plans

  • Get your valuable offer out to your audience

Once you have the right strategies, tools, and techniques - You’ll be able to create massive results in your business in no time, regardless of your business experience.

So relax. You don’t have to spend so many odd years before getting the financial freedom you need for yourself and your family.

You also don’t have to spend your time digging through dozens of executive-books, or pay thousands of dollars for expensive business-trainings - just so you can identify the tools and techniques you must master.

Because I’ve already done all of that work for you.

And now - for the first time ever - I’m going to let you in on the tools and strategies from over 10 years of successfully launching scaling and growing businesses…. And to teach you how to master them in just 30 days


The Business Building Project

The Ultimate Business Roadmap To building a sought-after business and Brand

Launch and Build your Scalable Startup in 30days

The Business Building Project is a Powerful, 30days digital coaching program.


Join master business-strategist and entrepreneur, Mary Ephraim-Egbas, as she lets you in on her proven steps to how she successfulfy Launched  and built several businesses and helped her clients to do the same

...even if you're completely new to the business world.

Launch and Build 

with no experience


We know you are a real Genius! ME????? Yes you, it could only take you to do certain things no other HUMAN could do.

Here is why this Course is a stand out Course and different from others:

Hands-on Training
Mapped out success Road Map
One on One Support
Receive Business Support

When you Join

The Business Building Project

..You’ll Walk Away With The Tools, Strategies, And Confidence You Need To Successfully Launch your sought after Business and Brand

so that you can............

Show up like a boss

Finally, get Started and get the financial Freedom

Tap into the current possibilities, to scale to upward figures

Each Day In The Program...

...Takes You On A Journey to learning the Key Strategies that Activate your bankable gift and Unique Insights You Need To Launch your own business as a BOSS 

After just these 30 days, you’ll know the right steps to launch your business, how to create tangible value, measurable results for your business…

...And how to effectively structure your business to scale 

Here are some of the WINS you will be able to get with the new skills you will master in this program 

When you start your business you will not only get financial breakthroughs......

...But you’ll also be able to finally be impactful confidently lead your sector, create a sustainable income for your family, Enlarge your business, build an Empire(if so desired)be the impactful, prosperous business person you’re meant to be.

you will be able to.........

1.   Have your dreams come true

Your business essence at its foundation enriches lives, your success, and business existence is carefully woven into others succeeding.

You are transforming lives, Impacting people thru creating new jobs, and solving others' problems 

2.  Finally, create the value 

You’ll confidently charge your product or service worth because you are certain of your proven outcome  and its value to your client

3.  Get the kind of sales you need

You’ll know how to craft and sell your product or services that not only make you more money but that your clients are actually happy to buy because they can instantly see the value of your business

4.  Get clients to start selling for you

This is a phenomenon that is so true, you're finally done with chasing clients and wondering where the next one will come from because you not only have repeat clients they become a marketing force for your business

5.  Start new Projects or business

You’ll be able to create new opportunities and expansions for yourself and your business. with a profitable business, you get stability more opportunities for more money AND helps you set up for long-term success. You will experience rapid growth.

6.  Attract the perfect clients,                   partners or investors

You’ll have  the confidence to approach needed investors, you will understand good and bad money, and also you will have a proven system to reach out to the RIGHT clients who are excited about your offering and very willing to exchange this for its value  NO questioning your worth

7.  Create long-term and admirable       success

Success comes with followers, people will admire you for what you have achieved, and you will be set up for long-term success, creating a business that outlives you.

8.  Enjoy Special Moments with                  Family and friends

At last, it's not just work work work but you will finally have more time and freedom to expend your life beyond just work because you’re not stressed out by the bills but have your business set up correctly with a proven system and processes in place that allows you to keep your sanity and take very good care of yourself and family

I highly recommend

its 5 stars!

I found the challenge to be vital in facilitating self-motivation and a deeper understanding of one's business, its needs, its brand, and its target market. The core of the challenge is designed to create a focus on the part of the business builder and to facilitate a step by step process towards a measurable goal, and ultimately success.

I want to thank Mary Ephraim-Egbas for this incredible business initiative.

This course is a must for all budding entrepreneurs who want to unleash the power of their brands and achieve results. I highly recommend it. 5 stars!

I am excited about building, living, and leaving a PRO legacy

I can’t believe all the wisdom I gleaned out of this,  I have heard about branding but never knew my archetype until now

I am more confident in my business knowing that my archetype innocence is in alignment with what I seek to serve. I am excited about building, living, and leaving a PRO legacy. I got to SEE what I want to be BIGGER THAN NESTLE WORLDWIDE through this challenge. Mary Ephraim, YOU ARE A LEGEND! Thank you!

We are Activated

We needed help in setting up the our design school, we felt all stuck and didn't know how best to move forward and Mary came along and handheld us through the process, now we are set to meet our goals for the school and business, we have so much confidence and clarity,  Our students will benefit from our course, I highly recommend the Profitable business course this is a must for business who really want to get unstuck and get moving

How about that!..... Does this not all sound like something you’d like for yourself?



You know this is exactly why I created my brand new 30days program called The Business Building Project just for you.

Here's what you have access to in the 6-week program 



Week 1: An Outlook on  Business

Learn the formula most businesses have used to launch and grow. First you will know the principles behind business and its growth, and see how other businesses have remained consistently successful

You’ll get powerful insights and strategies to help you overcome any roadblocks, burst through fears and limiting beliefs, and show up ready to Launch.


Why you don't have to have ran your business-for so long to become Highly profitable, when you know and apply the right strategies

How other businesses have succeeded and the simple steps taken to reach their goals. 

Understanding Profit and Profitability 

 The distinguishing facts about making a profit and being profitable. Creating leverage.

How to increase by inspiring 

Increase your performance, by creating a powerful vision, and communicate it to your team in an inspiring, motivating way.

and More.........

In this Frist week, You will have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of businesses why and how others have been highly successful


Week 2: Align Organisational Sustainable goals

This week - we're bringing clarity and focus into your business by creating a solid growth plan, Aligning these goals thru systems, and building a profitable team.


How to create a sustainable and actionable plan for long term success.

and break it down into years, months, weeks and even days to ensure productivity and peak performance

Setting Long term and short term goals.

how to be strategic in your goal setting and setting your company objectives using simple principles 

The balanced decision making 

 Know how to make important decisions timely, without feeling overwhelmed or second-guessing your choice. balancing your intuition with logic.

Developing the winning culture for profitability

create a visionary-minded company that will stay profitable for a long time.

Effective communication, learn the 7 principles of effective communication. How to lead your team and bring out their greatest potential.

and More.........

In this second week, You will get one of the most powerful skills and tools that drive business growth and success, these are the tools top and highly profitable companies know and use.


Week 3: Innovation for growth.

Using the key fundamentals for growth, this week we will be focusing on Innovation as the key to actualizing company goals, inducing growth, and ensuring profitability.



How to create more freedom within your business, by creating a unique structure that will ensure and adaptability and promote creativity.

Understand the different types and stages of innovation. why innovation is key for your business success and growth

Model Disruptions and how this can create leverage and sustainable income and generate resources  


How to apply your business strategy. we will work through creating the right strategies for your business, evaluate the blue ocean red ocean principles.

and More.........

In this Third week, You will get tools and strategies that drive your business performance and create highly profitable 

Optimize business performance by applying innovation and disruptions learn the  principles that drive company innovations and how to disrupt

Week 4:  What is the job you are hired for

This week we will examine a phenomenal concept called the Job to be done. This is very important to as people only pay for what they want.



how to identify what is required, the needs and wants of potential clients can vary an at different times, we will examine and understand how best to identify the right need or want to meet.

The Job,  We will evaluate your business offerings against the needs and wants identified

Positioning, here you will learn how to clearly differentiate and position your offerings and business. Ensuring profitability it is key to be visible, here we will show you how to build brand equity and digital equity

Getting Hired, you will understand why you are hired and what you are hired for, By understanding people's needs and wants we will then apply this to our offerings and understand why people actually want or don't want our business

How to stay hired, to ensure your business is profitable for the long haul it is important to clearly understand and master how to stay hired, this is what you will get the skills for

and More.........

In the fourth week, you will be ready to make an offer to the right clients for the right price



Hang on, if you enroll NOW, you get more..


Masterclasses, Winning scripts, Sheets, Tools, and Programs that ensure you are nowhere near stuck
You will get the support you need until you 

Bonus #1

How To get High-Level Clients, Even If You're Brand New business

You don't need to have years of business experience to land high-level jobs or prospects.

In this 1 hour masterclass - Mary will show you her proven, step-by-step process to confidently reach out to high-level prospects, get partnerships and valuable connections


(Value: $295) Included with your tuition

Bonus #2

Launch or relaunch your business with a stunning website

Goal setting and productivity is a learnable skill, and when done right - can completely transform your business.

with the 'The Profitable Business' training and this one, powerful bonus goal-setting tool - You'll be ready to 100x your profitability and achieve more, in less time.


(Value: $199) Included with your tuition 

Bonus #3

Wealthy Mindset Builder

Break Through Any Money Blocks, and Develop a Wealthy Mindset.

Use this simple yet powerful tool to break-through any money-blocks and limiting belief patterns that hold you back start creating and experiencing the financial freedom you need

(Value: $199) Included with your tuition

Bonus #4

Access to our Global

SociAble tribe

Your access to The Profitable Business gives you access to a thriving community of Ambitious entrepreneurs.


In the community, you get feedback, guidance, support, and accountability you need to make the most out of this program.


you will have a tribe of like-minded and top leaders to help you through real situations, and help you troubleshoot challenges when you need it most.


(Value: $2,000) Included with your tuition 

Bonus #5

Business tool-box

Running a business can be complex, and you might find that not having the needed tools can be quite unsettling or cost you time

Sometimes you are unsure at times as to which tool or strategy you should turn to, and when.

That is why we have put together a simple business-toolbox that will allow you to quickly and easily find the right tools, strategies, and sheets you need


These are adaptable, you can easily apply them to any situation immediately. 


(Value: $497) Included with your tuition 

Listen, we will be there until you launch BIG

As soon as you join us for the program, you’ll have all the support from Mary, other experienced mentors from the series, and a group of like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs who are on the same journey of growth.
Coaching Support

We are keen on ensuring that your

business gets the required results,

you will have close up coaching

and support to ensure your business


A Profitable Time
Business Support

You will get the support your business needs to be highly profitable, opportunities to explore ideas with 

top mentors and our business associates

For even more support you will have one-time access to our one-one strategy session, we like to call it a profit-ABLE time. Because it is a profitable time, we take your success seriously.

What we do first- We listen. We help clients see each challenge as an opportunity, through flexible strategies we ensure growth

A Profitable Time with Mary

One day I looked back at where I started, how there were many uncertainties and feeling lost, what I had to endure, what I came through, what I didn’t know and what I know today, I have been asked several questions about business success, I have questioned why some business make it to the top and some never seem to take flight, and the simple difference is what they know. Knowledge and understanding give you access to undeniable success and money!

I'm happy to share my journey and help you on your journey of wealth creation. 


You will get access to this course on the go, 

No Travel Required. Learn at your pace.

The Business Building Project is a fully online program, this allows you access this anytime anywhere, using the powerful  'Ability Series'  learning platform.

Here are the simple steps to get started:

Step 1.


Start your journey to Building BIG, by simply logging into our powerful learning Portal 

Get immediate access to our powerful learning portal, The Portal is simple to navigate, its been designed to help you make sure you stay on the path and complete your journey successfully. 

You will be inspired daily to ensure you complete and finish strong.

Step 2.


Receive weekly lessons, and daily guidance

Each week you will have access to new insights and learning, with easy to use worksheets that get you activated. 

You will have the opportunity to share your learning and get support from our online community. with regular check-ins from your accountability partners. Facilitator on our private Facebook page – you’re never alone.

Step 3.


Daily small actions for just 20 minutes a day, gets you activated for growth

You will need just 20minutes daily to watch your lessons, make progress for the week and get your worksheets done sharing your activations and wins with a group of activated and ambitious Entrepreneurs.


Let's look at what you get again

Here is what is included when you enroll in the program now.

30 days of practical learning and Road Map to Launching your sought after business and brand-To Help You Gain The Confidence Knowledge And Skill You Need To Launch, Scale and Grow a highly sought after, Highly profitable business and Brand                                                                        
                                                                                                   (Value $10000)
A Road-Map with practical steps to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey- To help you anticipate what's ahead, get you prepared and ensure you are ready and able to make the right decisions each step of the way                                                                       
                                                                                                   (Value $5000)
How To get High-Level Clients, Even If You're Brand New business -  Join Mary in this 1-hour masterclass - She will show you her proven, step-by-step process to confidently reach out to high-level prospects, and successfully work or Partner with them.           
                                                                                                   (Value $295)

How To Maximise Productivity thru strategic goal setting - with the 'The Profitable Business' training and this one, powerful bonus goal-setting tool - You'll be ready to 100x your profitability and achieve more, in less time.

                                                                                                   (Value $199)

Wealthy Mindset Builder- Use this simple yet powerful tool to break-through any money-blocks and limiting belief patterns that hold you back start creating and experiencing the financial freedom you need

                                                                                                   (Value $199)

Access to our Global SociAble tribe- In the community, you get feedback, guidance, support, and accountability you need to make the most out of this program.

                                                                                                  Value $2000)

Business Play book- a simple business-toolbox that will allow you to quickly and easily find the right tools, strategies, and sheets you need, take away the overwhelm, save time and get you focused on what actually makes you profitable

                                                                                                       (Value $497)

The Total Value you get for The Profitable Business ($18,190)

The Profitable Business Investment you need to make NOW only ($497)

Get Started Now and you can get this

Limited offer

Choose the plan that works best for you

Limited Offer


Just $97 now

Then pay $200,

in 15days 

Best Value Payment

One time Payments

$1000 $497

Limited offer only available NOW until Monday

Try It 100% Risk-Free

Whilst we are confident about our program because this is not some theory, The Business building Project is based on documented and proven success Journeys of combined over 100years of successful businesses, with hands-on experience, including our personal knowledge and experience of working with top businesses. We guarantee you if you put in the needed work you are headed for Profitability and growth in your business.


We know that outcomes vary, some totally amazing and out of this world, and may not be typical but however these steps, strategies, skills, and tools learned in this course will provide you a springboard for your business launch and success

Still, we promise you a 100% Money back guarantee, if you are Unsatisfied and would want to discontinue.


I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.



Don't take our word, Hear from top brands and top industry leaders that know our worth

Edward Stevenson, The Palms Mall

The best assets that Mary and her team have is the enthusiasm and depth of knowledge. They take their time to investigate, they took the project and made it theirs.

I recommend anyone seeking some new sales producing perspective to get on board with Okhma.

Ita Bassey, Heineken

"Some of the key features that made us work with Mary is — The quality of the pitch/presentation, persuasiveness/ professionalism of the team and the execution“

Eme Affiah, The Carnival Calabar, The

Biggest street Party in Africa

They created so much value for us and got us a lot of investments, right now our brand is rightly positioned and valued right.“

Is this right for you?


The Profitable Business is PERFECT for you if want to...


Grow your business income to the upper number scale - 6, 7, 8, 9 ...figures

Have a highly Profitable business, that gives you financial freedom.

start getting your ideal clients to pay you your worth even if you just launched

get your ideal clients to start selling for you

show up confidently as a business leader in your sector even if you just launched

have a sought after business that also gives you more time with your family and friends 

Aspire or are ready to build an Empire

follow a passion and stake the time to get the required results.


Join the list of successful businesses making an impact

Launch, Scale and Grow a Highly profitable sought after business